Premiere: Tronik Youth – Brutal Force (Black Merlin Remix)


Thick metal bars covered the window, limiting the light that entered the already dark room. What was visible was unfamiliar; the heavily padlocked door, the single chair in the corner…. He had no recollection of how he’d ended up here. Panic began to set in as he tried to retrace the last few hours in his mind, and he couldn’t. It was completely blank. As he got to his feet and made for the door, a key began to turn in the padlock; he’d soon have his answer.

Following releases from Silicodisco and FLXXX, San Francisco’s Roam Recordings welcome back Tronik Youth for a new EP titled Lost In The Media. The two originals are backed up by remixes from Disco Halal alumni Autarkic and shape shifting producer and Berceuse Heroique regular Black Merlin, who stretches the original in to a ten minute Industrial slow burner, that builds on a fuzzy synth line and robotic vocal samples that take cues from early New Beat.