Premiere: Tristan Grace – Tune Called Shout Outs


The Friday night roll call was well underway. The crew had begun to assemble as they steadily anticipated the night which lay before them. Driving out into the countryside thir faces glowed with eager excitement at the thought of getting to the site. Little did their parents know that they were the dancers of the new generation and that the fields by night had become their playgrounds. On the crackly old radio an mc shouted gloriously out over the tracks, shout outs came flying in across tune after tune. The night had only just begun. 

Tristan Grace is the first to appear on a new label run by the Warehouse Project's founder Krsko. Titled 'I Walked By Night' the label draws upon his experience amongst the scene across many years. Tristan Grace delivers the grooves on 'Tune Called Shout Outs'. Listen below: 

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