Premiere: Tristan Arp – Circling Music


The woods were quiet and peaceful, only the soft coo of the birds echoed through the trees. Crisp leaves crunched underfoot as she made her way down the makeshift trodden path. The smell of morning dew hung in the air. She inhaled deeply and smiled. This was the only place she could come to clear her thoughts, to be with herself, with nobody else around to spoilt it. But it wouldn't be long before this place was no longer a hidden secret. For now, she'd make the most of it…

Never one to sit about and twiddle their thumbs, Bristol's Banoffee Pies return with another fresh EP, this time on their original series. The 12th instalment is in the safe hands of New York based multimedia artist Tristan Arp, who has become known for his intricate rhythmic explorations on his own Human Pitch imprint. Demonstrating his passion for sound design, the four tracks on Slip flaunt his love of polyrhythmic drum patterns, heavy percussion and sub bending bass.