Premiere: Tred – To(night)


The noise echoed loud and proud, the chime of bells rang out to see in the new year and many people danced with great joy and delight in the streets. There was a sense of purpose about this night but it would all mean nothing if the new year did not bring with it some form of change, a new mentality and a delightful sense of peace. The night was dark but his own hopes were filled with promise and aspiring glory, there was a warmth to his insides as he sipped upon red wine and looked out upon the stars. To night or tonight, it all might change. 

Tred is set to release a new EP on Doe Dee, the "Planet Perth" EP to be precise and it draws upon some sort of mutated influence sitting somewhere between electro and trance. It's bloody great and we can expect it will be wholeheartedly well received. Big tip. Listen below: