Premiere: Tracey – DataMan


He tore through the night on a motorbike, part human and part machine he whizzed through the traffic at an electric pace and laughed hysterically at the chaos he left in his wake. He was a dataman, a crazed being who was not fed by the desires and needs of you and me but by numbers, status and code. The sun was setting upon an electric town and the night would soon be well underway. People would gather on the streets of the city to forget themselves but he would be there watching, counting, tracking and observing. That was his job. 

Many artists are releasing new music in line with Bandcamp announcing waived fees. Tracey is a producer from Amsterdam who produces expertly crafted electronics and is taking part. This new EP is self released, a brilliant assortment of fast paced electro and wonky melodies dotted across three tracks. 

Listen below: