Premiere: Tlim Shug – Sector B (Echovolt)


When we heard that TLIM SHUG was actually a 19-year-old from California, we started to question our own choices and wondered if immortality was in fact a viable option. There's more than enough in life for us to want to do and, perhaps, enough time to do most of it in yet we all seem to get sidetracked by one thing or another. However, it seems as though this youngster knows exactly what he wants and is determined to go out and get it.

Dwelling in cassette tape sounds, 303 drums, and thick pads, this new aural voyeur brings enough atmosphere to fill several stadiums and it seems as though the future of electronic music might be a bright one if it's left to people like this. Give these new sounds a listen and let yourself be filled with hope for the future;

Surf Dude is out now via Echovolt Records.