Premiere: Tim Karbon – Hétérodyne

Fluidity_artwork by Romain Vicari

The buzz and hiss of the radio sounded loudly through the empty house, reverberating against the walls and ceilings. The space had been derelict for months now; ever since the events of summer took place, nobody had dared set foot inside. Why the eerie transmissions of the radio were still broadcasting night and day was a mystery — almost like the whispers of the afterlife were ever-present.

Flore’s POLAAR imprint are returning to the fore with a five track release from Montreuil live act and sound artist Tim Karbon. Marking his first outing on the label since 2018’s ‘Drumyard Part 1’, the sonics on ‘Fluidity’ were imagined in response to the recent changes in club music, drawing from hybrid dancehall, UK Techno and leftfield bass experiments.


Speaking about the project, which uses his voice as a central element, Tim explains that: ‘I wanted to make this sonic ecosystem tangible by the use of my voice as a multiple sound source (chanted / sampled, rhythmic / melodic) which acts like a fluid around the different sets of percussions and instruments which come to line this story.’