Premiere: Thomaas Banks – Necare Disko (TYVYT-IYTYI Remix)


A small vile was perched on the table reflecting the light from the bulb that hung above. The liquid inside was a deep red that glistened and sparkled mysteriously. Below the vile a note had been penned in thick black ink with the letters 'READ ME'. The writing inside was decipherable, perhaps it wasn't meant to be understood because of the gravity of its content. It was a poisonous and deadly invitation to their worst enemies. 

Necare Disko is the first release from Thomaas Banks, the new moniker of Psychemagik's Tom Coveney. This EP also marks the launch of his new label Sinahti and showcases his tastes for the darker side of electronica and techno and a palette we're sure we'll see much more of in the future. Pinkman regular TYVYT-IYTYI provides one of the remixes, flipping it into a dark noise workout with detuned melodies.