Premiere: The Suicide Of Western Culture – Amor De Madre


As Western culture makes an ever-fastening speed into the plughole of decline, we can all console ourselves with the fact that love is something that we can well and truly believe in. We're not saying that romantic love is the best sort of thing, oh goodness no, but the way that we love and cherish our families – most importantly that wonderful woman who brought us into this world. Sure, we may shower them in gifts a couple of times a year but the real love is what we show with our intrigue and smiling faces.

Despite the rather defeatist attitude of their name, The Suicide Of Western Culture may well agree with us on this front as their top-notch new sounds are filed under the name 'Amor De Madre'. In fact, here's what they told us about where this all came from;

Back in the 80s, there was a rampant heroin problem in the suburbs of Barcelona where we lived. Guys that we know who survived and recovered from it all have a tattoo on their arm, made with a needle and pen ink that says “Amor de Madre” meaning “Mothers Love".

We're more than happy to give all our love to these sounds and we reckon you should give this a good old listen to help find out why.

Long Live Death! Down With Intelligence! is out on 13th November via El Segell del Primavera.