Premiere: The Missing Brazilians – Ace Of Wands (Unreleased Extended Mix)


To lose ones glasses, keys, wallet or phone is inevitable but to lose multiple Brazilians is simply careless. They aren't exactly something that can easily slip down the back of the sofa or our of your pocket when you check Facebook on your phone for the umpteenth time in an hour, just in case. No, to find that your Brazilians have gone missing is very irresponsible indeed.

However, after a little while you might just hear a little rumbling of something special in your ear. After a solid nine minute spell of your eardrums being thrilled, you realise that your Brazilians weren't missing after all but were safely tucked away within your lugs, sprouting all kinds of aural goodness. Something that sounds just a little bit like this;

Warzone is out on 16th October via On-U Sound.