Premiere: The Juan Maclean – Here I Am (Tuff City Kids Remix Instrumental) – Dfa


Nothing gets you clean like a Juan Maclean clean and it looks as though your ears could do with a good old fashioned cleansing – have you even washed them since that time you went to that party and that girl (at least you think she was a girl) put her finger covered in mustard in there? Those things look filthy and they could really do with all that dirt being flushed out.

Fortunately there's a brand new product on the market from The Juan Maclean that's been made in conjunction with the ever-reliable Tuff City Kids that'll have your ears feeling like they were cleaned by clouds themselves. We all know just how much you need this so, please, for all our sakes, pop this in your ears and do the right thing;

Here I Am (Remixes) is out on 25th September via DFA.