Premiere: The Explosion – Stratus


There are many things in life that excite most of us here at R$N Towers – cats, cardigans and Tunnocks bars to name just a few – yet there's nothing in life that can quite live up to the thrill of a ruddy great explosion. BOOM! They go. BANG! They scream. FIZZLE! They do if you've got it a bit wrong. There's something wonderfully satisfying about seeing something burst apart more abruptly than you're calling the police to report us for arson or the like right now.

But we've got a different type of explosion on hand for you that'll have you hanging up the phone and plugging in your headphones. We think this new track from The Explosion is a right belter and we're very excited to be sharing it with you right here, right now. Go on, give it a good listen and put that 'pop' back into your ears;

The Explosion is out on 20th November via Versatile Records.