Premiere: The Advent – This Is Not


The sky was a rich shade of blue, made all the brighter in the beaming hot sun. It made it hard to believe that they were now living in a dystopian world, with no knowledge of what the future could hold. For them, whilst the sun shined they'd continue to believe that they were in paradise, that nothing could hurt them or stand in their way. But this was not a drill.

For the first time in 17 years electro pioneer The Advent AKA Cisco Ferreira is releasing a new long player. Finding a home on Sync 24's Cultivated Electronics – a label that has become synonymous with serving up the best contemporary electro – Life Cycles brings together the past and the future. Coming full circle, the album gives a nod to The Advent's debut LP Elements Of Life artwork and harks back to the early '90s with the release of several electro gems conceived during that time. Speaking about the album Cisco said “I have been making electro music for nearly three decades now and excited to see that it is in demand with this new wave of talented producers out there. Life Cycles is an album where I explore my older past and connect with the future, 2020 and this new electro generation.”