Premiere: Terrence Dixon – Untitled 1

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PACKSHOT Terrence Dixon & M.R.E.U.X – Total Chaos – Blumoog Music

The Detroit legend serves up two untiled tracks on Blumoog Music.

Wandering through the dark city streets, the power had long since left this town leaving only shadowy corners and dusty brickwork in the aftermath. This had once been a place of industry and prominence, a city of great force and a stronghold for the mighty.

Now, it was for the lonely wanderers, the strange and the outcast. For them this city was now home, a place in which they could roam freely accompanied by the breeze of the wind and the rattling of old factories now empty.


Terrence Dixon features on a new split EP from Blumoog Music, he delivers excellent leftfield techno in his traditional experimental, dusty style. A rare treat, one for the collection.