Premiere: Teniente Castillo feat. Megane – All The Way Down (Original Mix)


The office had long since closed; everybody had left for the day and only a few flickering lights illuminated the floor. Normal working hours didn't exist for him anymore, his drive and determination to rise all the way to the top had taken over his life. He wanted to be the best; the most admired and revered in his field. But he knew to do so he had to work his way up from the bottom and always keep his eye on the prize, otherwise it was all the way down again…

San Francisco's ROAM Recordings call on the skills of Play Pal Music founder Teniente Castillo for their next release, which features reworks from Lithuanian producer Roe Deers and space.rec co-founder Jonathan Kusuma. All The Way Down follows releases from the likes of Amarcord, K-Effect and Darlyn Vlys, and features two originals that flaunt Teniente Castillo's signature style; a driving, hypnotic synth cut and a low slung psychedelic offering.