Premiere: Telephones – Blu-Tek (Raw Mix)


The ocean was a dense shade of azure, it glimmered and flickered beneath the glow of the warm mid afternoon sunshine. Overlooking it was a collection of towering skyscrapes, where nature met technology. The blue tech park had sat here for many years, visitors had come and gone, each with more sense of self importance than the last. However, they were nothing in comparison to the vast weight and superiority of the waves which crashed against the shore from time to time. A gentle reminder of the real superpowers round these parts… 

Telephones is back on European Carryall and this time has taken a left turn, entering unfamiliar territory with fast paced cuts which blurs the lines between techno and balearic music. It’s excellent, riveting stuff which could be played over a romantic dinnertime sunset or in the depths of the rave at 4am. A unique record with an innovative twist. We dig it.

Listen below: