Premiere: Tapan feat. Decha – Twenty


The Serbian duo and German vocalist team up on Malka Tuti.

The air was thick with fog; it hung low, clogging her throat and lungs. She was no stranger to this route, in fact she’d taken it time and time again, but today it was completely unrecognisable. A pang of fear hit her square in the stomach – had she missed a turn? She could barely make out the indistinct shapes of oncoming trees and obstacles, the twists and bends in the road had been lost in the mist. Luck was now her best friend; the only thing she could rely on.


Tapan and Decha first crossed paths in 2020 when the Serbian duo remixed her song ‘Niebla’, taken from her sold-out debut LP Hielo Boca on Malka Tuti. Off the back of the release the duo and vocalist decided to embark on a collaboration which comes in the form of a new single, ‘Twenty’, which is backed up by remixes from Full Circle and Rebolledo. On the original, Decha’s enchanting vocals, both spoken and sung, drift and soar high above Tapan’s rumbling subs, thunderous kicks and eerie synths, which are imbued with drama and tension from the get go.


Twenty will be released on 21st January via Malka Tuti.