Premiere: Tanda Tula Choir – Sesi U Hi Komba Mihlolo


The latest release on Hippie Dance came about when label co-founder Superpitcher was invited on safari in South Africa. On the first night of his arrival he heard what he describes as "the hypnotic and moving sound of the voices of Africa", or the Tanda Tula camp staff choir. Superpitcher was so captivated by their songs and beautiful Shangaan language that he decided to record a CD for them to sell in the camp shop – and it's now available on vinyl/CD via Hippie Dance / Bush Recordings.

We're premiering the wonderful track 'Sesi u hi komba mihlolo' (or, 'My sister, she is a miracle') which you can listen to below:

Tanda Tula Choir is out 24th November via Hippie Dance / Bush Recordings. Order it here.

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