Premiere: Tamburi Neri – Odissea del Ritmo


From open till close the space was bustling with faces both familiar and fresh. Over the years it had welcomed all manner of vibrant characters; some made their way here from across the world while others were local devotees, who had begun to call this place home. Community would continue to remain at its core: a hub for those with open minds and open ears. 

To celebrate ten years in the game, Milan-based record shop Serendeepity have rounded up artists and friends from around the world for a mammoth compilation, released on vinyl in four consecutive parts. Totalling 18 original tracks, the release features a star-studded cast, all of whon have supported the store over the last decade — the likes of San Proper, Dj Marcelle, JD Twitch, Ellen Allien, Egyptian Lover, Matias Aguayo, Tamburi Neri and many more.