Premiere: Tadan – Opening


“The shaman uses ceremonies to transform fear and guide others through their own transitions. In ceremonies we learn to be present with the direct experience of fear, even when we want to avoid it. Sound has long been known to have deep therapeutic qualities. The main element of healing music is the root sound. The focus on one note brings the listener to the present. It is grounding and can induce a higher state of consciousness. Combine that with dancing and you are now moving the energy, freeing your body from stuck emotions.”

Lithuanian producer Tadan’s new album ‘Neoshamanism’ provides the modern shaman with the sonic tools for their ceremonial activities. Set for release on Vilnius-based imprint Electric Shapes, these ritualistic qualities are translated through both the track titles and the hypnotic, trance-inducing sounds within them. Across the seven originals —complete with remixes from Rambal Cochet, ROTCIV and Tassilo Vanhöfen— the LP urges the listener to be in the moment and allow the cerebral vibrations to wash over them.