Premiere: T-Flex – Mimic


There was a pretender in the room. He was hidden amidst the murky shadows looking to get away with perilous murder and dangerous behaviour. His cosmic presence had been felt by those gathered from afar and soon he would be forced to leave his wicked intentions behind and flee this place. The music roared and played loudly in the small cabin, some danced oblivious and unaware of his malice whilst others shuddered and shivered under the strain of the pressure. The machines continued to whizz even louder and the music pulsed beneath. 

T-Flex is set to release a new EP on one of our favourite electro labels null+void. The imprint has been consistently bringing heat for many years and is finally receiving the acclaim and praise it has long since deserved. The next release is pure fire and we have no doubt it will bang in the club. Listen below: 

Visit the null+void Bandcamp HERE. The label will celebrate its birthday next month, catch that HERE