Premiere: Surusinghe – GO TO


Heavy percussive rhythms form the London-based producer’s debut EP on Steel City Dance Discs.

Different faces, different spaces but the same old conversations. Every guest list spot, every late night green room exchange, every frivolous connection; these were all part of a plan to climb that social ladder to the top. Anybody who wanted to be anybody had to network – had to get into the minds and hearts of those who could offer them opportunities. The reality was that’s how the whole game worked, you couldn’t get by on talent alone…


For her debut EP, GOOD GIRLS / BAD GIRLS, London-based Aussie Surusinghe draws inspiration from her Sri-Lankan heritage and the rave scene that’s surrounded her since her move to the UK capital. An impeccable introduction to her personal sound, which blends weighty rhythmic percussion, hypnotic melodies and colossal bass lines, the five tracks tip the hat to both her father and the musical world that she’s been a part of since 2015 – in her own words: “to the industry and the fake ass game we play, plus some of the hilarious memories I’ve made along the way.”


GOOD GIRLS / BAD GIRLS is out on 23rd June via Steel City Dance Discs