Premiere: Ngoni Egan – Phase 2

5 Minute Read

Ngoni Egan releases on Carista’s United identities record label.

It was time for plan b. The second phase of the operation and a chance to broaden their horizons. Perhaps they hadn’t gone far enough the first time around or maybe it was simply a case of that they’d underestimated the force required. It wasn’t easy to encourage lost souls to seek serenity and find the light. It had taken him a long time to stumble through the darkness of the forest and find the clearing.

They were out here in the middle of nowhere, trying to persuade a people of a power they could not see, hear or feel. At least not as they knew it… For it was in the dense green of the trees, the radiant glow of the sunbeams which poured down upon the old woods, the soft breeze as it blew and rustled the leaves in the light of the Autumn morning. Perhaps phase two would make them see it all…


Ngoni Egan is a Rotterdam based producer from Dublin. He is set to release a new EP via Carista’s record label United Identities and trust us when we tell you it’s a little bit special. Fast paced, wandering between ethereal sounds and textures it bangs in all the right places and leaves enough space in between for free thought and imagination.

Listen below: