Premiere: Surgeons Girl – Dark Moss Night Terror (Curses Remix)


You couldn’t see anything in front of you; the darkness shrouded the trees and any living organisms inhabiting them. By day these woods felt magical but at night it felt as though something sinister were afoot – as though there were unidentified creatures waiting to pounce in the shadows. These speculations would remain as such for those who’d been foolish enough to enter had never returned to tell the tale.

Bristol-based composer and audio-visual artist Surgeons Girl caught our attention with her EP for Livity Sound last winter. Now she follows that up with an outing for London’s Inside Out Records titled ‘The Empress Moss’: four tracks that showcase her knack for creating enchanting sonics. Coming from a classical music background, she marries this approach with her passion for analogue hardware and love of ambient and techno sounds, inviting Ombra International boss Curses to take on the remix.