Premiere: Sunrom – Guru (Marc Pinol Remix)


The wise words were haunting and poignant amidst the shadowy light of the red booth. The back room was where fortunes were told and tall tales were partial to debate. Seeking advice from a guru was no simplistic feat, it had taken many years for him to brave his fate. Now as he sat perched upon the cold, foreboding chair he wished he had never entered this space. There was a strong smell of incense which hung thick in the musky air, perhaps it was supposed to sweeten the strength of truth. He cared not for its weighty haze and the space, it crawled with ominous expectation and eerie memories. 

Sunrom is remixed on a new EP by an array of enigmatic producers – Matt Karmil, Pional, Marc Piñol and Dandara have all stepped up to the challenge. The release will be available from the 26th of January. Listen to the Marc Pinol remix below: 

Buy the release HERE

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