Premiere: Sunburst – Mseto Tekete


The majestic mountain overlooked the golden field. The corn blew to and fro in the wandering breeze, it was a blisfully quiet evening, they had always said that peace would follow the storm. He sat and watched up on high above the mseto tekete rock, his view unmarred by the dim light of the setting sun. As he watched out he knew that the rain was gone now, summer was here, and the sound of sweet music was all that would fill his ears for months on end. 

Strut have found a prolific sense of form in recent months as they deliver reissue after reissue. Sunburst were originally formed in the 1970's but remained a group for only a short period of time. This reissue of lost gems is expected on June the 24th for release. Listen below: 

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