Premiere: Stones Taro – I Want


He sat surrounded by gadgets and gizmos, by fineries and bespoke garments, nothing was too expensive for this man. Yet despite having everything a person could ever want, a smile never appeared on his face. Materialistic things were of no concern to him, the only thing he was missing was something that couldn’t be bought. 

2020 has proved a busy year for Kyoto-based producer and NC4K boss Stones Taro, having already taken his fresh take on breaks and UKG to labels like YAM Records’ BAM offshoot and Scuffed Records, for whom he released his debut EP back in 2017. Now he lands on London’s Highball Records, taking charge of their third release with ‘Pump’, a collection of four playful, energetic tracks that cement Taro’s knack for pushing forward the electronic sounds that preceded him into new territories.