Premiere: Steven Rutter – In The Darkness


As they entered the pyramid the light from the outside began to slither and slip away. The brickwork trapped them and encased them in a whole new world in which mystery and trickery awaited. This place was ancient and from a time long, long ago. Statues lined the interior, demonstrating the power and promise of bygone gods from long ago. They were as intimidating now as they must have been back then. A wind howled in the large chamber as they descended into the abyss. 

Steven Rutter is regarded as UK techno royalty as one half of the wonderful duo B12 who have released some of the best in electronic music for the likes of Warp, Delsin and CPU. Since 2017 Steven Rutter has been working on independent material which has been met with praise and positive feedback. His latest release is for Exalt Recordings, it's as essential as ever. 

Listen below: