Premiere: Sputnik One – Aquabeat


The room was sparkling clean, even under the stark white lights there was barely a smudge on the wall or a stray hair on the floor. Four men in thick rimmed glasses and lab coats stood at their posts in each corner of the room; every one of them exuded a sense of importance and power. They waited patiently for the subjects to enter the room one by one. They hoped today's experiments would yield mind-bending results, after all they were pushing the boundaries of science. Subjects may have come to this place of their own will, but perhaps some of the finer points were overlooked…

Dublin-based producer Sputnik One debuts on The Untold Stories with his first 12" release, MK Ultra. This marks his second release following a digital only release on Estonia's Gestalt Records last September, which introduced us to his smooth electro stylings. MK Ultra takes its name from a string of CIA experiments in the 60s where scientists gave high doses of LSD to subjects without warning them, and, musically, shows a more cold, experimental and percussive side to Sputnik One's productions.