Premiere: Spoko & Aguayo – Dirty Dancing (Matthew Herbert’S Backroom Dub)


She moved provocatively towards the open space casting an arm out towards the swarm of onlookers. She was inviting them, enticing them to join her upon the stage amidst the midnight glow. The heat of the night was potent in the air as the glow of lights bounced against the crowded stall. She was moving gracefull but with a sense of purpose. This was dirty dancing at its finest, all she needed was a partner to lead the way. Watching her move, he slowly raised his arm.

Cómeme know how to release a remix package. Following the success of the collaboration between Matias Aguayo and Dj Spoko the label has unveiled a new remix EP featuring an assortment of big names. We are delighted to be able to premiere Matthew Herbert's alternate version of "Dirty Dancing". Listen below: 

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Watch a video for the original "Dirty Dancing" track below: 


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