Premiere: Sound Synthesis – ADSR606 (Shawescape Renegade)


A rotten stench permeated the room, crawling out of some unknown, dark corner. This place hadn’t seen any love for years; left to decay and crumble without anybody to care for it. Its inhabitants were confined to the myriad of insects that had infested the bathroom, who treated the place as if it were their own. From the outside you’d never know what lay beyond the front door; its appearance on the cover concealing its disheveled interior.

Over the last few years Malta-born producer Sound Synthesis has racked up a lengthy string of releases, making homes on the likes of Space Shepherd, Nebulae, Fundemental – alongside Monolith – and Gated Records with Datawave, to name but a few. He adds to his arsenal with a new EP titled Analog Soul for Eudemonia, which is made up of three harmonic electro cuts backed up by a remix from Detroit’s own Shawescape Renegade.