Premiere (Sort Of): Zulu Pearls – Not Like Other (Young Marco Remix)

It's no secret that we're massive Young Marco fans round these parts. So it came as quite a surprise when he highlighted to our ears a remix he'd done a few months back that had yet to grace our aural receptors.  Said track is a remix of Zulu Pearls an AOR-esque band from Berlin that have been getting Marco hot under the collar recently.  “Zulu Pearls are the best dudes and seriously one of my favourite bands." Marco says.  
"This is what I listen to when i’m travelling. I don’t listen to dance music on a plane, only douchebags and gymfreaks listen to dance music on a plane. Anyway, I was listening to a lot of proto kwaito and african bubblegum stuff while I was making this remix and I think that inspired some bits of the remix. I’m pretty psyched on it cause its a totally different thing than the awesome OG, but I think it works without sounding like a lame clubby band remix.”
Zach Van Hoozer from the band felt the same way about Marco:  "Marco was the first person I thought of when we decided to flesh out this release with remixes.  We’ve known him for a long while now and he’s been friends with my guitarist from Amsterdam since forever.  It’s been great to watch him keep upping his DJ/Producer game and create a vibe all his own, which is a victory in itself.  I was really excited we could get him on board, since he feels like part of our extended family.”
With all that positivity flying around we think it's about time we got it on the stereo again… they've offered it up to us to a Premiere Revisited so we it getst the attention it properly deserves. Listen here: 

Here's a nice picture of Marco too… isn't it nice?!

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