Premiere: SMBD ✕ Capracara – Roubaix Cube

WAN-006 3000 x 3000

The Hyperdub producer and DFA label mate look horns for a surprise three-track release.

He didn’t consider himself a problem solver, solutions weren’t his forte, rather he found himself growing more and more confused or flustered the longer the problem remained unanswered. Thus he’d made sure he was surrounded by others that could work these conundrums out on his behalf, however big or small. From life-changing decisions to trivial everyday occurrences, he let others guide his way, no questions asked.


It’s always interesting when two seemingly disparate minds come together for a release. For the first time Capracara, the mind behind music for DFA, Cómeme & Unknown To The Unknown, joins forces with SMBD  (aka Simbad), who has releases under his belt for Hyperdub, Apron and his own Modern Dialect imprint, for a three-track EP that matches their contrasting styles. Raw and rhythmic, Club Ozone kicks off with two rhythmic machine rollers that blend elements of house, industrial and dub, whilst on the flip ‘The Ozone’ lightens up the vibe with a twinkling dream house number.