Premiere: Slaylor Moon – Mothgirl


They sped down the highway, pedal to the metal, looking for somewhere to rest their heads for the night. They slowed down as a road sign for a small town flashed in front of them, and started to scope out the place they would call home for the night. They pulled over outside a dusty motel and stepped out of the car to survey their surroundings. It all seemed strangely familiar, they had an eerie feeling that they had been here before. But how could they have been? They were thousands of miles from home. They raised a clenched fist to knock on the door of the motel but it swung open of its own accord. From inside a voice rang out into the street, "welcome back, we've been expecting you…"

Strasbourg via Vancouver artist Slaylor Moon may have been performing and recording for a decade but her new EP for Maple Death Records marks her first ever solo release. Sydney Koke specialises in her own experimental brand of music, taking influence from old school rave, 70s industrial, no wave, and noise rock, while peddling a distinct sense of developing curiosity and identity. The release takes the form of a limited run of tapes, put together and stamped by hand.

Buy HERE. Slaylor Moon will be presenting the release in London on July 25th at The Glove That Fits with YAWS.