Premiere: Slacker – Longmarsh


The leaves on the tree swayed gently in the breeze, casting a shadow across the river below. Barely a sound permeated the air, only the soft trickling of the river’s current and the sweet coo of the birds overhead. This place instilled a deep feeling of tranquility. A space to reflect, to remember and to look towards the future. 

For their third release London-based imprint Room II Records are calling on the skills of Slacker, a producer who’s previously landed on Lobster Theremin and their UNDR sub-label. Signalling a more atmospheric and reflective direction than his previous outings, Mists Lift takes inspiration from elements of jungle, hardcore and DnB and half-time.

Speaking about the release, Slacker explains “I wrote these tracks when I lived with my parents and started working with children in need; it’s my effort to navigate the themes of grief, love, friendship, and progression. ‘Mists Lift’ serves both as a reflection on this time as well as an exploration into the cathartic function that listening to and producing music have in helping me to understand the human experience. Intended to be introspective with a few bursts of rural life, I hope that ‘Mists Lift’ speaks to something deep within the listener as well as being geared to those special euphoric moments on the dance floor.

Stylistically, ‘Mists Lift’ draws inspiration from the atmospheric corners of the hardcore and jungle continuum. Although most obvious on ‘Escapism’, glimmers of the jungle attitude toward broken drums, loud basses, and glistening pads can be heard throughout. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of listening to ‘Mists lift’ as I did making it.