Premiere: Skins – The Long Wait


Since dawn had broken, the man had been sat in his armchair with the phone at his side. He’d hardly moved all day, barely tearing his gaze away from the receiver. He feared that if he left for even one minute, he might miss the call. He drummed his fingers on the table beside him until they started to become callous and hard. He knew he was in for a long wait…

Leeds-based DJ and producer Skins has become synonymous with celestial, dubbed-out soundscapes, showcased on his two self-released hand stamped white labels, SKINS001 and 002. Having taken a couple of years hiatus from the releases, he now returns with the third instalment, two originals and a drum tool that flaunt his knack for crafting weightless dub techno and crisp breaks and percussion.

All proceeds from the sale of the record will be donated to organisations supporting Black people and efforts to end systemic racism, injustice and police brutality. Each of the records comes with an A4 artwork print and a letter to the purchaser.