Premiere: Silvestre – Life’s Good


Walking through the city there was little which made him smile, noisy traffic roared past and the sound of sirens filled the air as the steam billowed from the drains by the sidewalk. This was what life in the big smoke was supposed to be, hectic, hazy and horrid. It wasn't a happy place but a frightening maze built up of robust concrete, iron and glass. Bars played music loudly out into the open night air as some danced in shiny windows – at least they looked happy. He sat at the bus stop and waited for his number to roll up – on the wall opposite somebody had painted some graffiti. "Life's Good" it read…

Perhaps, he smiled. 

Silvestre is a producer very much in demand at the moment with a number of releases popping off on the likes of Padre Himalaya, Secretsundaze and Diskotopia. This is his latest, a drawn out affair with power and punch for Meda Fury. 

Listen below:

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