Premiere: Silver Waves – My Face Is Held Together By 52 Screws


Standing in the hospital hallway he watched as patients were wheeled in and out of rooms. It was a busy place full of life and death at the same time, an interesting juxtaposition by which to observe and reflect upon. Red lights flashed and flickered outside in the street as the ambulances whizzed away into the night with sirens blaring and tyres smoking. This place saved lives but it also left a haunting scar upon those who might be left behind. Take this guy for example, my face is held together by 52 screws. 

Silver Waves is the musical guise of UK producer Dylan Mallett. He creates expansive soundscapes and weird electronics which draws upon dystopian influences and a realm from beyond. This track appears as part of a wonderful compilation being released by Illegal Data, it features an eclectic showcase of far reaching electronic music, pop and beyond. 

Listen below:

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