Premiere: Sigward – Moonface Oracle (Something Happening Somewhere)


The face of a moon is a glorious thing. It keeps the sky shining bright in the darkest of nights, even if it is essentially loaning the light from the sun without having any intention of ever paying it back. If the sun had any sense, he'd give Wonga (other loan sharks are available) a call and get them to send the boys round to the moon's flat in Streatham to order him to cough up unless he wants a few extra craters all over his face.

But these aural treats aren't anywhere near as violent as the fictional baliffs in this peculiar scenario which highlights the fact that sugar should be banned from R$N Towers. Sigward bobs and weaves his way through the ever-growing aural maze to make sure that his sounds hit the very centre of your ear and explode into life. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to go give Mr Moon fair warning that he might want to stay at his sister's this weekend.

Enjoy this corker in the meantime;

'Moonface Oracle' is on Somewhere I, the first half of Something Happening Somewhere's upcoming double compilation album which will be released on 28th August.