Premiere: Omri Smadar (feat. Siam) – In The Realm Of


She awoke panicked, eyes dilated and hot beads of sweat streaming down her face. She'd had the same dream every night that week. Or perhaps it was a nightmare, she couldn't decide… Each time only fragments were memorable, a collage of broken thoughts and feelings. She'd been trying to piece them together to find out what this puzzle meant. It could mean nothing, but at the same time it could mean everything. In the realm of dreams anything was possible. 

Tel Aviv producer and musician Omri Smadar pays tribute to his home of Israel on Fragile, his new EP for Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant. In addition to two original tracks, opener 'In The Realm Of' brings the 80s dark wave classic from Siam into the present day, injecting it with dynamic synth lines for a captivating reappraisal.