Premiere: Shun – I’ll Never Reach Your Level (Younger Than Me Remix)


A gust of wind pushed open the window giving way to the morning sunlight that bounced off the heads of the people waiting patiently in the corridor. It was a clinical setting, the walls were painted bright white and there were no signs of decoration anywhere, no signs of character or personality. Everybody sat in a row quietly, barely even a breath left their lips. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife; only one person could reach the level and each person hoped it would be them. For now all they could do is wait, their fate was out of their hands… 

The next instalment on our R$N sub-label Insult To Injury is a debut from Tokyo-based producer Shun. After a remix contribution for Type 303's EP earlier this year, Timothy Clerkin invited him back for a full release which is indebted his love of acid, electro and rave. Enlisting the help of Tusk Wax duo Younger Than Me, they put their own twist on the original turning it into a thumping rave workout.