Premiere: Shmlss – 4am At The Kebab Shop (Bawrut Remix)


We've all been there. It's been a helluva night, you have danced & sweated like a loon, consumed all the pleasurables but are now running on fumes. Desperately trying to find a cab office, before you pop your head through that window, you smell the meaty fuel in the noisey joint just next door. Refilling on the hot sauce and your fleshy weapon of choice, gobbling it down and gabbling away on the night's misdemeanours, once the belly gauge shifts out of red you are ready to be taxi bound to pals and more sins.

Netherlands based duo SHMLSS make their debut on Nein, and on this track get R$N Records star Bawrut to give it a remix. A solid kick drum for this blue Monday, tons of echo & respond percussion and a repeating single note bassline get joined by some freaky snatched vox as the bass takes off, and gets it's squiggle on. Grand stuff.

SHMLSS – Adriatic Swing EP is released by Nein Records on 19th August 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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