Premiere: Shamis – Believe (LCSM Version)


He clasped his hands together and looked upwards towards the sky. The stars flickered and danced up above, blissfully unaware of the perils down below on planet earth. Thankfully he was one of the lucky few who believed in something greater and something more. Heaven forbid he might think otherwise for then there would be little hope. He began to recite the words he’d been taught as a child many years ago, a wise prayer destined to fend off evil spirits and send them dancing into the night sky, all he had to do was believe. 

Dopeness Galore get the London hook up with the release of a stellar deep moving house cut of a track called “Believe”. IG Culture reimagines the track for something destined for deep, dark basements under the guise of LCSM – Likwid Continual Space Motion.

Listen below: