Premiere: Sex Judas – The Light You Saw Was Not For Real feat. Andreas Røysum

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Sex Judas

Whimsical pop and psychedelic downtempo grooves on Optimo.

Staring off into space he was not content with what he had down here on planet earth. He never had been, never would, never will. For how could he when there were wild things which danced amongst the stars and beautiful worlds to be discovered out there in the great beyond.

Some called him a dreamer, some felt him to be wild and chaotic beyond his means. They knew nothing of his sort and were happy with the bubble in which they could not pop. “The light you saw was not for real” is what they’d told him. He knew it was…

Sex Judas are mysterious, murky sorts of characters. They return to Optimo Music with more whimsical, offbeat pop meets kraut meets god knows what on a new album called “Night Songs”. The record is out tomorrow and makes for fine mid autumn listening.