Premiere: Secluded – Embrace


The perfect embrace is one that's not too tight yet doesn't make you feel as though the other person is only doing it out of courtesy. The strive of human-kind to strike the balance between making the receiver of the aforementioned embrace feel the perfect combination of bear-like tightness and kitten-level tenderness is something that scientists will never quite be able to figure out. Let's hope we're proved wrong on that one as we could all do with a perfect embrace every now and again.

We've got a nice and firm embrace for your ears right now though, coming at you thick and fast in the form of some brand new belting sounds from Secluded (aka Glaswegian producer Hans Bouffmyhre of Soma Records), taken from his new moniker's debut album Distant Memories, due out on October 12th via his eponymous new imprint. Tune in right here and give your lugs the lovin' they deserve;

Distant Memories is out on 12th October via SECLUDED.