Premiere: Sébastien Forrester – Spiral Column (Felis Catus Remix)


The trees blew in the wind as the rain began to fall heavily from the dark clouds up above. He looked upwards to the heavens as they burst with weight and unleashed water upon the dry wood. It had been a long hot summer but now it seemed as though things were about to change. He stood by the spiral column, an old statue at the foot of the forest and watched the world move by in the distance. Beneath his umbrella he let out a sigh, wryly smiled and began to walk into the night. 

Sébastien Forrest is remixed by Felis Catus on a remix EP forthcoming on Kowtow Records. A magnetic, intriguing affair packed with deep moving instrumentation, a fine remix from an electro artist on the rise. 

Listen below:

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