Premiere: Sebastian Gummersbach – You Brought Light Into Darkness


You were the one stood at the end of the long, spiralling tunnel, the glimmer of hope which shone at the tall end of the day. You brought light into darkness and offered an insight into the what might of been amidst a dim and blackened earth. This was the night in which he might finally drive through the perilous mauve hole and make it out onto the other side in a shimmering beam of shining gold. Some said that the grass was greener on the other side but there was no seeing that when you sat beneath the belly of the beast and all that lived amidst the soul was dark. 

Sebastian Gummersbach is set to release a new EP on Mauke Signature, a brooding EP packed with high paced energy and dancefloor design. This was our favourite, big room house with a euphoric radiance and deep message. 

Listen below: 

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