Premiere: Sasha Zlykh – Lie To Your Mom


The bittersweet guilt was overwhelming, it floored him from time to time. Walking amidst the rooms of an empty house he began to wonder if he might ever feel differently about what he'd done, it sent a terrible shiver up his spine to even think of it again. A lie to your mom was about as bad as it comes, however when the consequences were as hideous as what had happened on this occasion he began to look at the situation in a way in which he'd never imagined himself capable. It was dark, twisted and pure. Evil, haunting and cold all wrapped up into one messy unified package. She might never forgive him…

The Press Group is a relatively new label which has been pushing a cool deep wave of house and electro into the forefront of our consciousness. The new EP comes from Sasha Zlykh. Listen below: