Premiere: Sarayu – Bang Sue Junction


Wandering through the city streets late at night he looked up at the towering buildings as the cars whizzed furiously by. He was walking towards Bang Sue Junction, a place he often visited alone to watch the world fly by. The people in their cars, those in illuminated offices miles up above, the moon as it hung heavily against a backdrop of black. There was a thick mist in the air, perhaps it was fog from the sea rolling in, that or the desolate smog of another city screwed by the smokey vehicles and reckless abandon of us. 

More Rice is a record label focussed on showcasing Asian musicians and artists, it is a label whom we have profiled previously. During lockdown they have compiled a release featuring over a dozen musicians, an eclectic, electronic affair well worth your time. This track is by Sarayu. 

Listen below: