Premiere: Santiago Salazar – October 17


The calendar highlighted key dates spread out across the year, it was important for an international flight into space to be as rigidly booked as possible with all passengers logged early. SS1 would take flight on the 17th of October later this year and there was an heir of expectancy about the spacecrafts maiden voyage towards Mars. This was the chosen planet by earthlings, the second home if you will, a holiday island amidst the tropical outback of the wild universe…

Santiago Salazar and Esteban Adame are about to release a split EP on Dj Bone's record label, Subject Detroit. The pair have an all star heritage in Detroit techno having collaborated as Ican and as former members of Galaxy 2 Galaxy. As expected this one is pure quality. Listen to a track from Santiago Salazar below: 

Buy the release HERE

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